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hello again.

Okay.. membership is now going to be open, I'm not going to screen posts, comments, or requests to join. This technically means do whatever you want.. I'd like this to be somewhere where we can all talk about school stuff and everything else.. I think it could work because everyone is practically always online. So whatever. Okay.. bye.. comment the layout or just yell at me or whatever, lol.
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oh yeah, and if anyone wants to suggest whatever for the layout then go ahead.. I'm usually the guru of graphics and html and stuff.. but I think the overrides for everything are confuzzling.
how do you make the backround, like stay in place? cause mine is tiled and really annoying, and I don't know how to make it stay in place. idk if you understood it but if you go to my LJ, you'll understand
oh yeah lol i was gonna say something about that.. h/o lemme check what it is to make sure..

k if you go here, it'll give you a bunch of livejournal overrides for background stuff.. basically just copy the override from the box and change the image thing and leave it at "fixed".. if you're confused, just IM me lol.